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New York Sexual Child Abuse

A New York Child Abuse Lawyer can tell you that a charge of sexual child abuse (New York Penal Law 130.75) is very serious. In New York, the crime of sexual child abuse is defined as subjecting a minor to sexual contact, where the minor is younger than the age of consent (17 yrs. old). Because of the heinous nature of these types of charges, penalties associated with this crime can be severe. If you have been charged with sexual child abuse or other sex crime such as rape (New York Penal Law 130.05), forcible touching (New York Penal Law 130.52) or sexual assault (New York Penal Law 130.95), you could be facing lengthy jail time, heavy fines, probation, and the requirement to register as a sex offender. Additionally, because of the social stigma attached to a sex crime, defendants may find that these charges seriously damage their reputation and their relationships with friends, family and co-workers. If you have been charged with sexual child abuse or other sex crime it is very important to seek legal guidance from a dedicated New York Sexual Child Abuse Lawyer from our team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates.

The prevalence of this crime is somewhat difficult to determine, because it often goes unreported. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Children’s Bureau states that 9.2% of victimized children were sexually abused. Also, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is thought to be the victim of sexual child abuse.

It is no surprise that the crime of sexual child abuse causes great harm to a child, leaving physical and psychological scars for many years to come. Statistics show that the large majority of sex offenders know their victims and are male. This crime usually involves threats, manipulation and coercion. By the same token, an experienced New York Sex Crime Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates can tell you that there are commonly instances of false accusations and misunderstandings, resulting in the defendant being unjustly accused of this crime. This can be particularly true when there is divorce or other domestic unrest present. Being falsely accused of a sex crime may be emotionally and economically devastating to the defendantIf you are convicted of sexual child abuse or other sex crime, it is likely that you will be required to register as a sex offender pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) when you are released from prison. This is required via state and federal law. SORA has 3 risk levels for an offender. It is thought that a child related sex crime is a risk level 2. An offender’s risk level is combined with a designation: sexual predator, sexually violent or predicate sexual offender. An offender’s risk level and designation will determine the length of time that the offender needs to be registered.

It is not uncommon for those accused of sexual child abuse to be automatically presumed guilty, irrespective of the physical evidence available. In New York, law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney will likely respond quickly and harshly to these charges. Prosecutors usually seek swift convictions for these sex crime offenders because they know the public is watching.

Often allegations have come from other adults, who may have observed signs in a child which they associated with child abuse, though it may be far from the case. Perhaps the child had a bruise, or was acting out. An adult professional, particularly clergy, doctors and school teachers are on high alert for these types of signs and are required to report them.

If you have been charged with a sex crime such as possession or distribution of pornography, an internet sex crime (New York Penal Law 288.3), rape or forcible touching (New York Penal Law 130.52), contact an experienced New York Sexual Child Abuse Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates. Do not underestimate the severity of these charges. We can discuss possible defense strategies with you. Call us today at 800.696.9529 to schedule your free consultation. Our New York City offices serve clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, as well as Westchester County. Our Long Island offices support our clients in Nassau County and Suffolk County