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Suffolk County Rape

Rape is a terrible crime that is currently on the upsurge in New York. The legal definition of rape is the sexual intercourse among two people where one person did not give consent. Consent basically means that you agree to do something, and the law says that when it comes to sex, a person must be of a certain age and must not be mentally impaired. Minors cannot legally give their consent; therefore sex with a minor is considered statutory rape. You should consult with a Suffolk County Rape Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates, PLLC if you're unsure regarding exactly what the law says.

Rape is a felony sex crime and a person who is convicted may face jail time depending on what degree of rape they're convicted of. A person can be convicted of First Degree Rape, Second Degree Rape or Third Degree Rape. While prison time varies from case to case, our experienced Suffolk County Rape Lawyer staff will tell you that it's not uncommon for a person convicted of First Degree Rape to get a sentence of at least 25 years. The Suffolk County District Attorney all has a special division that works with victims of sex crime.

It's important to note that not all rape crimes are considered equal in terms of consent. When we think of rape, we often think of someone forcing sex on another, but there are cases in which both parties agree to have sex, yet it is still considered a crime. This is usually the case in statutory rape incidents. For example, an 18 year old boy and his 16 year old girlfriend may both consent to have sexual intercourse, however, the law says that the minor can't legally give consent at that age, at which point it becomes a crime. It may not seem fair since the parties are only two years apart in age, but the law has to draw the line somewhere. If you're ever accused of statutory rape, be aware that the District Attorney may aggressively pursue a conviction, which is why it's important to have an experienced New York Sex Crime Lawyer defending you.

Another type of rape that is getting more and more attention is date rape. This type of case can be tough to deal with because both parties may have been involved romantically with each other at some point, with possible alcohol or drug consumption, which blurs the line of consent. Like many of these cases, it frequently comes down to “he said versus she said” (or didn't say as the case may be.) If you're arrested for date rape, remember to remain silent until you've had a chance to consult with your Rape Defense Lawyer.

If you are charged with rape, the distribution or possession of child pornography, sexual assault, forcible touching, spousal rape or any another type of sex crime, contact our Suffolk County Rape Lawyer defense firm at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. We want to discuss possible defense strategies with you. Our Long Island offices support our clients in Nassau County and Suffolk County. Our New York City offices serve clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens, as well as Westchester County. Call us today at 800.696.9529 to schedule your free consultation.