NY Sex Crimes Lawyer

Here in NY, we've seen a disturbing rise in the number of sex crime cases, a rise that seems to be happening all across the country. Because of the increase in the sex crimes cases, the New York District Attorneys have intensified their investigations and prosecutions of people suspected of committing crimes like forcible touching, statutory rape, spousal rape, sexual assault, date rape, sex with a minor and prostitution.

While the rise of sex crime cases in general is disturbing, the rate of one particular sex crime is witnessing an explosion – child pornography. Perpetrators of his type of sex crime have benefited greatly from the digital age. Today, child pornographers can easily make movies and take photographs with inexpensive digital cameras and share them anonymously over the Internet. Because of this, the FBI is now working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement agencies to crack down on the child porn industry. As of today, the feds have arrested a large number of people thought to be involved in child porn (“kiddie porn”) rings. Through the use of digital surveillance, ISP tracking and search warrants, the FBI has confiscated hundreds of computers and digital devices in order to obtain evidence to build their cases.

While child pornography holds the dubious distinction of being the most reprehensible sex crime, anyone charged with any type of sex crime is going to need a skilled NY Sex Crimes Lawyer. Whether you've been charged with sodomy, date rape, possession of child porn, sexual abuse, sex with a minor or any other sex crime, our qualified NY Sex Crimes Lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can discuss possible defense strategies with you.

If you're confronted with a felony sex crime charge, your defense attorney should have variety of legal strategies that can be used in your defense. These tactics depend on what you've been charged with and in what context. Take for example the sex crime of date rape. While there are many times where forcible date rape does occur, there are an equal number of instances where a person only cries rape after they felt slighted or rejected by their partner after having consensual sex. A prosecuting attorney must prove that non-consensual sex took place. If there is no physical evidence, and no eyewitnesses, there is a possibility that a skilled NY Sex Crimes Lawyer will be able to raise enough doubt in the minds of the jury to get the charge dismissed.

It's important to keep in mind that a person in an American court is innocent until proven guilty, and it's up to the prosecutor to prove this guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced NY Sex Crimes Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis and Associates, PLLC will attempt to raise sufficient doubt in the mind of the judge and/or jurors.

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